A UK Omega brochure from 1981

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Please excuse the watermarks that I have added.

This brochure is not an official Omega brochure, but was printed by one ofthe largest Omega dealers in the UK ( at that time ). I bought it via eBay without knowing what was in it, amd to be honest was a little bit disappointed with the watches it contained. UNTIL I saw the Seamaster in the middle of page 11. ( Between the Speedmasters )

I have the black dialed version & never even new of the existence of the silver dialed version. After some serious Googling, I found the website www.Rolexsamler.dk. The website owner owns one of these watches. Then, as luck would have it, one turned up in eBay, which I snapped up.

 cover & rear

 Pages 2 & 3

 Pages 4 & 5

 Pages 6 & 7

 Pages 8 & 9

 Pages 10 & 11

 Pages 12 & 13

 Pages 14 & 15

 Pages 16 & 17

 Pages 18 & 19

 Pages 20 & 21

 Pages 22 & 23

 Price list cover

 Price list pages 2 & 3

 Price list pages 4 & 5

 Price list pages 6 & 7

 Price list page 8

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