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An overview of Metal Codes used by Omega for their wristwatches
Steve Waddington - December 2002

The following data is copied from an Omega booklet titled :-

Catalogue habillement
Dressing components catalogue
Catálogo de fornituras de aderezo

The version I have is dated 1993, was issued in Germany & is printed in 4 languages. ( French, English, German & Spanish).
Since the "working" language of the watch industry is French & most of us "surfers" can speak some English, I have listed these 2 languages.
I am too lazy to list the others, Sorry !

The data is listed, as in the catalogue. ( e.g. DG & DH are indentical). I have have NOT deliberately changed anything. I have even split the description lines EXACTLY as in the catalogue.

There are some "funnies" in here. e.g. why is "gris" translated as "white" everywhere except for the SC code where it is "grey".
It is unclear to me whether the line between BG & BJ is missing it's code, or whether it "belongs" to the BG line. I think it's missing it's code ( BH or BI ?).
I also find the KD text very ambiguous.

Code French English
AB Platine + or jaune 18 ct. Platinum + yellow gold 18 ct.
AT Platine Platinum
BA Or jaune 18 ct. Yellow gold 18 ct.
BB Or rose 18 ct. Pink gold 18 ct.
BC Or gris 18 ct. White gold 18 ct.
BD Or jaune 14 ct. Yellow gold 14 ct.
BF Or gris 14 ct. White gold 14 ct.
BG Or jaune 9 ct. Yellow gold 9 ct.
  Or rose 18 ct. Pink gold 18 ct.
BJ Or multicolore 18 ct. Gold, Multi-coloured 18 ct.
BK Or, lunette acier Gold, bezel steel
BL Or rose 9 ct. Pink gold 9 ct.
BP Or rose 18 ct. Pink gold 18 ct.
BR Or bicolore 18 ct.
Gold two-coloured 18 ct.
BT Or jaune 18 ct. + itane Yellow gold 18 ct. + titanium
BU Or jaune 18 ct.
lunette aluminium
Yellow gold 18 ct.
bezel aluminium
CD Coiffe or jaune 14 ct. Cap yellow gold 14 ct.
CE Coiffe or rose 14 ct. Cap pink gold 14 ct.
DA Acier + or jaune 18 ct. Steel + yellow gold 18 ct.
DB Acier + or rose 18 ct. Steel + pink gold 18 ct.
DC lunette or gris
18 ct. sur acier
Bezel white gold
18 ct. on steel
DD Acier + or jaune 14 ct. Steel + yellow gold 14 ct.
DE Acier + or rose 18 ct. Steel + pink gold 18 ct.
DF Acier + or jaune 18 ct.
fond acier
Steel + yellow gold 18 ct.
DG lunette or rose
18 ct. sur acier
Bezel pink gold
18 ct. on steel
DH lunette or rose
18 ct. sur acier
Bezel pink gold
18 ct. on steel
DL Bicolore plaqué
20M jaune
Two-coloured plated
20M yellow
DM Bicolore plaqué
10M 1N14
Two-coloured plated
10M 1N14
DN Bicolore plaqué 10Y
1N14 brac. acier
Two-coloured plated 10Y
1N14 steel bracelet
DP Acier, or rose 18 ct. Steel, pink gold 18 ct.
DR lunette or rose
18 ct. sur acier
Bezel pink gold
18 ct. on steel
DS lunette or jaune
14 ct. sur acier
Bezel yellow gold
14 ct. on steel
DX Bicolore plaqué
10M jaune
Two-coloured plated
10M yellow
ED Plaqué 10M 2N18 Plated 10M 2N18
EF Plaqué 10M 1N14
fond acier
Plated 10M 1N14
EX Plaqué 10M 1N14 Plated 10M 1N14
FD Plaqué 80M jaune Plated 80M yellow
FE Plaqué 80M rose Plated 80M pink
GD Plaqué 80M jaune
fond acier
Plated 80M yellow
GF Plaqué 80M gris
fond acier
Plated 80M white
HG Plaqué 40M jaune Plated 40M yellow
HH Plaqué bicolore 40M Plated two-coloured 40M
JD Plaqué 40M jaune
fond acier
Plated 40M yellow
JE Plaqué 40M rose
fond acier
Plated 40M pink
KD Plaqué 20M fond
40M jaune
Plated 20M back
40M yellow
KF Plaqué 20M fond
40M gris
Plated 20M back
40M white
LD Plaqué 20M 2N18 Plated 20M 2N18
LE Plaqué 20M rose Plated 20M pink
LX Plaqué 20M 1N14 Plated 20M 1N14
MD Plaqué 20M jaune
fond acier
Plated 20M yellow
ME Plaqué 20M rose
fond acier
Plated 20M pink
MF Plaqué 20M gris
fond acier
Plated 20M white
MK Plaqué 20M fond
et lunette acier
Plated 20M back
and bezel steel
MP Plaqué 20M bicolore
Plated 20M two-coloured
MR Chromé noir,
lunette 20M jaune
Chromium-plated black,
bezel 20M yellow
ND Plaqué 20M jaune
sur acier
Plated 20M yellow
on steel
OA Plaqué 40M jaune
sur acier
Plated 40M yellow
on steel
PA Plaqué 40M jaune
sur acier, fond acier
Plated 40M yellow
on steel, steelback
PE Pendulette Minature clock
RP Argent plaqué
40M jaune
Silver plated
40M yellow
RS Argent, 0.925 Silver 0.925
SC PVD gris PVD grey
SE PVD jaune PVD yellow
SI Acier + titane Steel + titanium
SO Acier oxydé Oxidized Steel
SR Chromé noir Chromium-plated black
ST Acier Steel
SU Acier, bague aluminium Steel, aluminium ring
TA Titane + or
boite et bracelet
Titanium + gold
case and bracelet
TB Titane + or rose
bracelet titane + or rose
Titanium + pink gold
bracelet titanium + pink gold
TD Titane + plaqué 20M jaune,
brac.: titane + pl. 10M
Titanium + plated 20M yellow,
brac.: titanium + pl. 10M
TE Titane + PVD jaune Titanium + PVD yellow
TI Titane Titanium
TL Titane/Tantale
+ or rose 18 ct.
+ pink gold 18 ct.
TR Titane + or rose
bracelet titane
Titanium + pink gold
titanium bracelet
TT Titane + palladium
bracelet titane
Titanium + palladium
titanium bracelet
TZ Titane + or rose
bracelet: logo or
Titanium + pink gold
bracelet: gold logo
UT Chromé Chromium-plated
YA Métal dur jaune Hard metal yellow
YR Métal dur noir Hard metal black

Amazingly enough, I wasn't born knowing all this information. I have learnt & am still learning a lot from the Time Zone Omega Forum.

If you are interested in Omega watches, I suggest you vist the forum, have a read & ,if you want, introduce yourself.

I'm a reasonable bloke. I make mistakes, I forget things. If I've got anything wrong here or missed anything, please feel free to E-mail me.

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