Die Uhr - A German Omega Catalogue from September 1977

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This catalogue was printed in Germany in 1977. The prices shown in the price list are in Deutsche Marks. The price list is dated September 1977.

I have not scanned all the pages, from page 16 onwards they are either mens dress watches or ladies watches. They are predominantly gold, small & have diamonds. I have not scanned these pages. But check out the prices of those watches !
In fact the Speedmaster Pro, was one of the cheapest watches that Omega offered at that time.
Compare the prices of the watches on Page 5 (the first page to have watches on it). They are all quartz, the cheapest is roughly twice the price of a Speedmaster Pro & the most expensive, roughly 4 times !! Thankfully tastes have changed somewhat since then.

Also of interest is the F300 (Tuning fork movement) pocket watch shown on page 14.

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