Omega Chronostop - Operating Instructions

Click on any of the smaller scans below to open a new browser window containing a larger ( around 90 KB ) version.

This English sheet was probably issued with original Omega Chronostop wristwatches.

It covers models using the 865 movement ( ie those WITHOUT a date)

In order to stop copies of this being sold as original, I have "watermarked" the larger scans. I hope this doesn't affect your enjoyment of them.

 The front cover

 Page 2  Page 3

 Rear Cover

This page was written by Steve Waddington & last updated on 22 January 2004

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I don't think Omega will have a problem with me reproducing these pages on the internet. They are good enough quality that they can be used, but not so good that people can copy, print & sell them as originals.
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