A parts list for the Omega 863 movement

This A4 sheet is dated October 1985. The parts descriptions are in French, English, Spanish, German & Italian ( I've guessed it's Spanish !)

On this web page I refer only to 861 & 863 movements. BUT I assume that most of this information is just as relevent to the 1861 & 1863 movements.

One of the most questions posed most often in various Omega Forums is :-

"What is the difference between the 861 movement and the 863 movement ?"

The simple answer is the finish & ( most of the ) 861 movements have a plastic brake ( part number 1726 - Blocking lever - below), whereas on the 863 it is metal.

I recently came across this A4 sheet (printed on both sides) which lists the 863 parts that differ from the 861.

So for any of you really sad WIS's out there ( yes, you can put me in that corner ).... the definitive answer is there are 22 parts that are different and at least 13 screws. I say at least 13 screws because this leaflet doesn't actually say how many of each screw is used in the movement.

So having now searched the internet for hours & finally found the definitive answer, you can now sleep in peace tonight !

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The parts The descriptions

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